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My tiny spot on the internet where I share everything from my pregnancy journey to my favorite wellness hacks as a mom of soon to be 2.



Hey there! Today, I’m dishing out some wisdom straight from the heart—and sharing my favorite tool I’ve been using for years! Picture this: I’m juggling life with 4 fur babies, my son Luca, a family business, wellness coaching, pregnancy, and my husband. But amidst the chaos, I’ve discovered a secret sauce for finding balance and […]

Before becoming pregnant with baby #2, I was devoted to using Obagi skincare products, although I’m aware they’re not considered clean. Nevertheless, I loved the results they gave my skin. Dealing with hyperpigmentation has always made me super self-conscious of my skin. However, during pregnancy, I had to switch to cleaner alternatives which became my […]

Last week, I was just doing my usual journal thing—you know, jotting down what went down during the week, how I’m feeling, my little daily battles, the fun things I’m excited about, and those dreams I’m manifesting—and then I wrote down this question: “What does alignment look like?” As I watched the question appear on […]

Becoming a mom for the second time around has me questioning if I can even still consider myself a ‘new mom.’ Luca, my almost 2-years-old, boldly asserts his independence daily by jumping off the coffee table with a monster truck in one hand and a snack bar in the other, which makes me feel more […]

Wellness is a huge part of my everyday routine but also what I fall back on when life gets tough. If you’re like me, I find that a good wellness routine is easy in the Spring and Summer but so much harder in late Fall and Winter.

Maybe it’s the crisp air from Lake Michigan or the moment you watch the sun set that it suddenly feels as if someone is giving you permission to take a deep breathe.

Mexico City was one of my favorite cities that we have visited. It’s full of street carts, cafes, art, music and the friendliest people you will ever meet.

This is our go to recipe for making our own healthy beef jerky. It’s easy and tastes delicious.

The obstacles you have are only obstacles if you see them as that. How can you turn your obstacles like not enough time or lack of motivation into opportunities?

Are you in a time crunch for lunch or do you need something to prep for the week? I got you!

I figured that I would write a post that I can share shortly after we announce our pregnancy. I’m hoping to share our journey and answer some questions that I can anticipate coming. So here it goes… YES! We are expecting our first and we are absolutely thrilled, overwhelmed, anxious, and feeling so grateful. I […]


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