it's time to make some shifts.

let me tell ya how i did it.

I've struggled with gut issues as long as I can remember. But it started to hinder my daily activities in college when I missed out on some crucial memories because I was either in the bathroom or I just didn't have the energy or confidence.

My 'moment of disgust' was 8 years ago when I found myself laying on a cold hospital bed with a hot doctor performing [ahem] tests to make sure I wasn't constipated.

I remember driving home 8 hours later with a stack of papers sitting on the passenger side seat. Prescriptions, fancy medical words I didn't understand, and a feeling of complete mortification. Dr. Steamy just went to 3rd base with me and I didn't even enjoy it...

Hey there!

I'm Drew.

Nutrition Health Coach, Gut Health Expert and Certified Life coach

my story...

My diagnosis...IBS, GERD, anxiety, and gastritis. My reality...loads and loads of pills.

The next few months I spent in and out of the doctor's office and with nothing to show for it. That's when I decided to change my health and my life around. And I made a commitment to myself to heal from the inside out.

The first step was awareness that I couldn't do this alone, so I applied to Nutrition School and spent the next year healing every single area of my life. And as I began to make improvements I decided to get my International Life Coaching certification and take extended Gut Health Courses. I built up my wellness support team (coaches, therapy, doctors, wellness groups) and felt like I finally had the accountability and motivation to keep moving forward.

My Story

It's been a wild ride...

but I'm so grateful for it because here I am, talking to women like you! I get to be of service every day and teach and inspire other people to take action on their health and listen, heal, and love their gut.

Get  to  Know me...

1. fav tv show:

Netflix Murder Mysteries

2. dessert of choice

Homemade chocolate avocado mousse

3. drink order

Maca latte with turmeric

4. can't live without

The month of October

5. travel spot

Charleston, SC

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Get  to  Know me...

6. fav book

The Slight edge

7. podcast

Criminal and Armchair Expert

8. workout

Spin or take the dogs for a walk

9. daily breakfast

Spinach scramble with avocado and sweet potatoes

10. brands i love

Siete, Daily harvest and hu chocolate

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My Timeline

where I've been


Overweight, bloated, fatigue, unhappy and working too much.


ER visit for severe abdominal pain. Left with IBS, GERD, gastritis, anxiety and medication.


Fed up trying to DIY my health. Applied for Nutrition School and built a wellness support team.


Graduated and began to see BIG changes in my life and my health.


Started my own coaching business and went part time in my family business.


Made the decision to incorporate Life Coaching in my business and applied for my certification at BYCA.



Launched The Gut Reset Program + enrolled in Advanced Gut and Hormone Courses with IIN.


Feel better than ever. And helping other women feel the same!


learning about different cultures and languages and I'll never pass up the chance to travel somewhere new (but I'm also a MAJOR homebody)!

I'm in love with


my second home. My third is the Farmer's Market. And grocery shopping is one of my favorite things to do. #seriousasahangnail

whole foods is


the Enneagram and really any online personality tests (I'm a three).

I'm obsessed with


I'd be an interior designer or criminal psychologist or organic farmer (totally random, I know). 

If I wasn't a coach


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