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I’m Drew Martino

Nutrition Health Coach, Certified Life Coach, and Gut Health Expert. I embolden and nurture women to take the lead on improving their health and wellbeing by healing and trusting their gut. I host an online group program called The 4 Week Gut Reset and provide coaching through personalized services, online guides, free webinars and email challenges.


[ˈləv] [ˈyȯr] [ˈgəts]
Confidence from the inside out. Tune in. Reclaim control. Nourish your digestion. Listen to your body. Overcome doubt. Connect deeply. Succulent Trust.


Damn good digestion is one click away. Begin to trust your gut and feel good in your body again. I created this FREE download just for you.

Drew Elizabeth - Life and Health Coach

Self Care Guide

Begin making small shifts that lead to BIG changes. I created this FREE Guide to jumpstart the way you think about Self-Care and align yourself with not only what you need but what you WANT, too.

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Let’s have a 30-minute virtual coffee date! I’ll bring the chocolate donuts and we’ll talk about your BIG dreams, goals, and how we can get you there. Click the button below and let’s get it on the calendar.

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Life and Health Coaching

Choose Your Experience

Drew Elizabeth - Life and Health Coach

4 Week Program

If you feel like perfection is holding you back from living an intentional life, my personalized coaching is for you. I’ll help you reach your big goals while taking time to enjoy the journey. We’ll create a life where you get more done by doing less and balance rest and play with hustle and healing. It’s time to own all of who you are without the pressure of having to be your best 24/7. So if coffee shops soothe your soul and you like waking up to wet puppy kisses, then I think we’ll make the perfect match.

Drew Elizabeth - Life and Health Coach

Private Coaching

Wish you could have your cake AND eat it too? My 1:1 Health Coaching Program is for you. I’ll help you build a healthy relationship with food and adopt a sustainable lifestyle where deciding what to eat for dinner is as easy as choosing if you’d rather go out on a Friday night or stay in to watch Netflix. You’ll feel energized to tackle the day and finally get quality sleep even when life gets chaotic. So if your a gal on the go and you wish there was enough time in the day as Beyonce, I’ve got you covered.

Drew Elizabeth - Life and Health Coach

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