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Holistic Tips for Weight Loss and the #1 Mistake You Might Be Making.



When we set a goal like weight loss for ourselves we forget that there is a thing called life and it is always going to throw us curve balls that will try to throw us off course.

That’s why it’s essential to focus on a holistic approach rather than just how much we are working out or what we are putting on our plate. Holistic is a whole body approach including things like mindset, lifestyle, stress, relationships, etc. So when life gets in the way, we are prepared and ready!

1.Manage your blood sugar.

Set an alarm in your phone to eat every three hours with a combination of fat/protein or fat/carb. This will help stabilize your blood sugar and prevent your body from freaking out about when it’s next meal is coming.

2.Focus on ways to combat stress.

Stress causes us to make poor food choices and causes us to eat more if we don’t have smart ways to manage it. A great way to manage stress is to incorporate little rituals into your routine like 5-minute meditations, deep breathing throughout the day, lighting a candle, or using your diffuser to end your workday.

3.Move your body.

Move throughout the day. This is MORE impactful than a 60 minute power session in the morning or evening. As women it’s also smart to focus on aligning movement with each phase of your cycle and what your hormones are doing (video coming soon on this). 

4.Shift your mindset.

Think of the excess fat you want to lose as Marie Kondo’ing the clutter. It’s not as simple as JUST weight loss because gaining weight didn’t happen overnight. It happens over time and it often because we had to shift our priorities to manage other things like family emergencies, surviving Covid, and/or dealing with stressful situations. Remember that it’s a whole life transformation and refocus your WHY. Your deeper why is what will ensure that your weight loss is sustainable.

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