The Good gut guide

Do you ever say, "I wish this bloat would go away!" or "It seems like everything I eat makes my stomach hurt!" or "I have NO idea what to eat for my digestion!"

This guide is the holy grail to all things GUT! Each week is broken down so it's easy to follow. The first week gives you a list of gut-friendly foods to enjoy and helps you decide what food to limit or avoid. The second week gives you my simple hack to know what to put on your plate at every meal and five of my favorite recipes!


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The food/gut journal guide

Start connecting the dots between what you eat and how you feel. Did you know that your digestion is intricately linked to not only your food but your mood and daily activity too?

This journal guide gives you a foundation to begin understanding the relationship your life has on your gut. This is the #1 thing that moves the needle with my clients. And I hope that it helps you feel more empowered with your food and lifestyle choices. 


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3-Day digestion Detox

Change your gut detox game and get your digestion on the right path with this 3-day detox. Delicious recipes like avocado mousse, chicken and kale soup, autumn squash salad and berry/banana smoothies! 

This isn't your typical juice, deprive yourself detox. Ain't nobody got time for that. You won't be left feeling hungry, I promise!



The Details

These downloads are made for specifically with you in mind. Whether you're just started your gut healing journey or your well on your way...these guides are a perfect way to support and inspire you. 

I hope you enjoy whichever guide you choose. And if you ever want some guidance on which you should being with, feel free to reach out to me via email at!

I'm always here for you!

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