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My Why

Born in Florida, raised in the suburbs of Chicago, I grew up within a family of successful entrepreneurs and barrier-breakers. My grandma the “den mother” of Mcdonalds and my father a serial business owner. I always knew I had big dreams and goals. Growing up in a family with high-expectations I let my perfectionism get in the way of pursuing my dreams. And hid who I was and where I came from out of shame, guilt, and fear of not connecting with people.

I was taught that money, material things, and an impressive job position was essential to my success. So when I turned 27, I was checking off all the boxes but I was the unhappiest I’ve ever been. I was lost, stuck, stressed and completely overwhelmed but I felt safe inside my comfort zone. The proving somehow felt familiar.

Then one day as I was walking into my office at work I got excruciating stomach pains. My instincts jumped into high-gear and I drove myself to the ER at Google speed. 6 hours later I was diagnosed with a handful of health issues.

It was obvious I couldn’t keep living like this…

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I live for breakfast food and my favorite is chocolate chip pancakes.

I still sleep with my baby blanket (aka Mickey) and it drives my husband crazy.

I wanted to be a criminal psychologist growing up.

The first job I ever had was a server at IHOP.

My drink of choice is an old fashioned with rye whiskey.

I’m a diehard fan of GoT and I’d give anything to meet the cast.

My parents nickname for me is “Doot”. Don’t ask why.

Drew Elizabeth - Life and Health Coach

I Believe

+ Intentional Living evolves when you create healthy boundaries.

+ Busy is a disguise and a cop-out from discovering your truth.

+ Ordinary invites extraordinary.

+ Balance is not an end goal but an ongoing practice.

+ Doing less creates space for LIVING more.

A little more

About Me

I went all in and hired a life coach, holistic doctor, therapist and signed up for Nutrition School. I made a promise to myself that whatever I needed to do to be happy AND feel good, I was going to do it.

I saw so much change in myself the next few years. We sold our condo in the city and bought an old converted farmhouse in a suburban town. I started health coaching, gave up my honcho job title and eventually signed up to get certified in Life Coaching. Going after my own dreams has NOT been easy but it’s absolutely been worth it. My life is slower, impactful, and far from perfect but I’ve learned that success is whatever we want it to be. And in order to live a full life we need to embrace ALL of who we are. Even the messy, imperfect parts. And the parts we hide because we’re afraid to shine.

Nothing gets me more excited than seeing a woman pursue her dreams and thrive in every area of her life. And it’s my mission to help her get there.  

No more allowing everyone else but yourself define your life. It’s time to stop waiting, proving, and letting perfection stand in your way of what you really want.

I’m so happy we connected and if you’re still here, I’d love you to reach out via email and say hi! I read every email and always reply!

Rootin’ for you,


Drew Elizabeth - Life and Health Coach
Drew Elizabeth - Life and Health Coach


+ Certified Life Coach from Beautiful You Coaching Academy
+ Integrative Nutrition Health Coach from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition
+ Board Member of The American Association of Drugless Practitioners
Drew Elizabeth - Life and Health Coach
Drew Elizabeth - Life and Health Coach
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