My Sober Curious Journey

July 9, 2020

A little backstory into my journey with alcohol.

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If you’ve been here for awhile you know that I’ve been pretty vocal about my journey with alcohol. If not, hello, I’ve been sober curious for almost a year. Sober curious, according to Ruby Warrington, author of Sober Curious, describes it “to choose to question, or get curious about, every impulse, invitation, and expectation to drink, versus mindlessly going along with the dominant drinking culture.”

I chose to remove alcohol from my lifestyle last year after I got really sick on a trip to Portland, Maine. It might have been the liquor or it could have very well been food poisoning but regardless it was my wake up call to stop drinking.

As I was curled up in the fetal position in a hotel bed while Frank was out enjoying breakfast alone, I realized that alcohol was the common denominator in all of my IBS mishaps. It was the reason I was in the bathroom until noon every Sunday morning. And I knew that with my recent diagnosis of Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune condition that attacks your thyroid, my health wasn’t really getting better even though my diet was fairly healthy. 

It was alcohol that assisted the bad bacteria in my gut and despite my diet it was causing more harm then good. So I decided to go cold turkey.

I bet you might be thinking right now…”no way, I couldn’t ever do that” or maybe you’re rolling your eyes. And that’s okay. Because I did the same thing prior to this major leap into the sober unknown.

As my drinking transitioned from College days, Boones farm and Sailor Jerrys to more upscale cocktails like old fashioned’s and aged whiskey’s neat, I started to notice my mindset also shift (I was totally that person that rolled their eyes at the “non-drinkers”).

I began to realize that I would be OKAY if I opted for mocktails instead and that I wouldn’t miss out just because I didn’t drink.

Soon after that mindset shift something crazy happened…a week went by then a month then two months then six months and I didn’t miss it like I thought I would. I didn’t even notice it was gone. I was sleeping better, my digestion was regular, I had more energy and I even lost a few pounds.

All this to say, if you still want a cocktail, no judgement here. I believe that we all have the power to make our own choices based on what’s best for our unique situations. This is just my journey.

I wanted to share a few helpful tips that I used during the first few months because I think they might help you too!

  1. Learn how to say “No”. This might seem easy but when you’re in a group setting or you’re someone who likes to just go with the flow then it will help to have responses readily in your back pocket. You can use something simple like “No thank you, I don’t feel good when I drink.” or “I don’t drink.” Whatever you feel comfortable with but remember that other’s might not understand and that is absolutely okay.
  2. Keep track of when you do drink. You can start to make connections between drinking and how you feel afterwards by keeping a journal. Be honest with yourself and don’t sugar coat it. If you get major headaches the next day then write it down so you have to confront it.
  3. Learn what it’s like to experience momentum. Small shifts everyday lead to big results. First start with a week and then two weeks and see how easy it gets. As you progress add in little rewards like trying out that morning yoga class you always wanted to go to or enjoy a mocktail with dinner!

There are so many alternatives now to enjoy your social outings without alcohol. And one brand that I love for a mocktail treat is Get Gruvi. They make non-alcoholic prosecco and beer and have some exciting flavors coming out soon. If you want to try them out you can use code: Drew10 for 10% off your order!

If you’re just starting out your sober curious journey or are thinking about ditching alcohol from your diet, leave a comment below with any questions, I’m always happy to answer!

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