How To Eat Healthy While Traveling

I got back last night from our trip to Colorado. It was a week of rest and recharging. I took time away from work. I had a couple client calls but mostly I spent it staying present with my husband. Soaking in ALL the Fall colors and crisp air. 

After years of traveling and maintaining my healthy habits, I’ve trial and errored my way to stay on track even when I’m away from home. And the #1 question I get is…”Can you share your tips on eating healthy when you travel?” 

I have to mention, I’m not always 100% with this. There are some trips like this most recent one when we don’t get it perfect. Like when I forgot my cooler with my probiotic at the hotel and we had to stop on the way back to get it! Or when I let my husband pick the hotel (which never happens) and he chooses the one WITHOUT a fridge *face palm*. If that happens we make it work regardless! Sometimes that means buying more snacks that don’t require a fridge or planning out where our meals will be when we’re in the middle of Nebraska (hint: you can ALWAYS find something healthy it just might take more effort).

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So here you go…

6 of my healthy eating tips while traveling!

1.Buy and pack WAY more snacks than you think you need.

I typically pack two bags full of snacks. That’s a little overboard. BUT it helps me feel supported when I can easily reach for something and know it’ll be good for my gut!


2.BYOM – Bring your own meal.

Research easy meals to pack on the go. I like things like Collard Green wraps or muffins that don’t require lots of napkins or cleanup. 😉


3.Make a commitment to eat veggies at every meal.

Order and cook veggies for every meal you eat. That might mean always asking the restaurant for a side of veggies because most places don’t give you enough! Remember 75% veggies is what you want to aim for.


4.Try to book a place that has a small kitchen or choose a healthy hotel.

You can research this ahead of time or call and ask what the offer. Some hotels now are super healthy and offer all kinds of options.


5.Plan out where you’re eating ahead of time.

Frank and I do this for every trip. It takes the pressure off and lets us enjoy our vacations more. This past trip I did A LOT of research and found a vegan place in Nebraska. It was one of the best meals I’ve ever had!


6.Bring a cooler.

You can buy one on Amazon that is easy to travel with. Use it to pack the things that are perishable like hard boiled eggs or your lunches! When you get to the hotel you can put it in the fridge to keep it cool and pack a Stasher bag with ice for the next day!


I hope you loved these tips and use them for your next trip. I promise it’ll make your life so much simpler and allow you to enjoy your vacation more without the stress of having an unhappy gut.

Eat to nourish.

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