5 Time Saving Hacks For A Happy Gut

Hey friend! I posted in my Instagram Stories the other day one of my FAVORITE time saving hacks. And a few of you messaged me for more tips so I thought I’d write a blog post with 5 of my TOP time saving hacks for a happy gut. 

These are so good and I use them every day to stay on track with feeling my best. And I hope they help you too! If you use any of these hacks please tag me on Instagram so I can cheer you on (@DrewMartino_)! 


5 Time Saving Hacks for A Happy Gut

  1. Always cook extra. This will save you so much time. So say you’re making a soup for dinner…double-batch it and freeze what you don’t eat. Or if you’re cooking veggies, double-batch the recipe and then segment the rest out for a few days. You could add them to salads or as a side dish for tomorrow night.
  2. When you discover a meal that checks off all your boxes (tasty, nourishing, healthy, satisfying, easy) for the love of all things WRITE IT DOWN! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found a recipe like Collard Green wraps and forgot to make a note of how freakin’ good they were. Keep a small binder or notebook or folder with your top picks.
  3. Keep a snack bowl in high-traffic areas. This one is for the mamas but also for you if you’re always on-the-go. Use a medium size bowl and add healthy bars, small snack bags, apples, homemade trail-mix, jerky sticks, etc. That way if you need to grab-n-run you have something already easily accessible. 
  4. Chop your salad veggies for lunch all at once. Things like cucumbers, carrots, red cabbage, kohlrabi, jicama, zucchini. Chop them all at once to save yourself some time and you can use them throughout the week!
  5. When your greens start to go, add them to a stasher bag and put them in the freezer to use for smoothies. And if you wanna go one step further you can add berries and sliced bananas in there too so it’s an easy pour into your mixer. Then just add your favorite non-dairy milk and viola! 


There you have it. My favorite easy hacks for a happy gut. Do you have any time saving hacks that you like to use? Share them below!


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