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Do You Suffer From Staying Comfortable?

It’s comfortable here. You’ve got your roots down and you’ve got familiarity to rely on. You’ve been here. You’ve done this. Your comfort zone is cozy and secure. It’s safe. But is it *all* there is?

The comfort zone is a great place to retreat to but if you’re anything like me, when you hang out there for too long, you’ll eventually start to find that it’s been feeling smaller and smaller. Your mind will begin wandering a bit more, you’ll spend your days feeling antsy and anxious, and you just might even ask yourself the burning question – “what if?”.

Take a long, hard look at the comfort you’re clinging to and maybe, just maybe, take a step outside into the crazy unknown.

What’s on the other side of your comfort zone?

This question came up when I was having a 1:1 session with a client. As the question rolled off my tongue I thought…what a powerful, thought-provoking and scary question. I wish someone would have asked me this 8 years ago when I was stuck and feeling unfulfilled but too afraid to make any changes.

While I am definitely at peace with the time it took to get me here, the power of that one question would have saved me from a lot of sleepless nights.

Believe me, you’ll find a deeply rooted satisfaction when you finally recognize that you are worth pursuing what’s on the other side of your comfort zone. You are worth the risk. You are worth going after whatever sets your soul on fire – no matter how scary it might seem from the inside of your comfort zone.

Most recently, Frank (my husband) quit his job. He stayed in a toxic work environment for years because he feared the unknown. And his fear of failure stopped him from trusting his gut and listening to his intuition. A few weeks ago we got into a conversation about his career change and I said, “The only way you will fail is if you never give it a shot”. Woah.

Think about it.

If you try and fail that’s not really failure. It’s just life redirecting you towards a different path. It means you tried it and gained enough experience to reach for something else. The only real failure is if you never even take that leap and end up always wondering….what if….

All it takes is that one question or that one ‘ah-ha’ moment to shift your energy and dig deep into that space where you know you deserve so much more.

Sure – staying in your comfort zone has its benefits. It can provide you with a safe space and feelings of security, peacefulness, and warmth but living in that space for too long will only give you a false sense of freedom.

Eventually, the day will come where you realize that you’ve been locked inside a cage of your own making and that you’re the only one with the key.

So my question for you to journal on is….”What is on the other side of your comfort zone”? Is it freedom? Vulnerability? Joy? Bliss? Or an unshakable trust within yourself? Would you travel solo? Sign up for that 5k? Ask for a promotion? Or start working in the beginning stages of your own business?

Whatever it is, what would it look like if you gave yourself permission to take just one step closer to it today?

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