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What Is Your Greatest Accomplishment?

The pressure to do more/be more is real. It causes women (myself included) to second-guess themselves, change who they are, and then wonder why they feel disconnected and unworthy no matter what they do or achieve.

This is a pressure that fuels anxiety, depression, and addiction. This is a pressure that we ALL need to be aware of so that we can recognize it when it presents itself and step away before we fall right into it.

Your Greatest Accomplishment

My husband and I were watching the news the other morning when an interview came on with Maye Musk (a 69 year old Canadian Model who is now the face of Covergirl). The interviewer talked about her own children’s success and what their job titles were that made them so “highly-accomplished”: a pioneer in the farm-to table movement, a film producer and the founder of Tesla, the electric car company.

My husband looked at me and I knew exactly what he was thinking because I was thinking it too…

This is exactly what is wrong with society.

That statement the interviewer made on TV told everyone watching that you are only viewed as “highly-accomplished” and “successful” if you are a millionaire, a CEO, or working in Hollywood.

The interview made my blood boil. Thinking about all the women out there watching this who already struggle with perfectionism, success, and self-worth.

I turned it off after a few more minutes and opted to take a walk with my husband instead of consuming all the negative messages. On our walk around the neighborhood, I couldn’t stop thinking about something:

Society is constantly trying to put labels on us and we are constantly trying to break them down.

A few years ago I would have questioned my own success and accomplishments after listening to something like that.

Am I accomplished because I decided to live life on my own terms?

Am I accomplished because I am able to find that inner silence and peace that I spent years trying to discover?

Does NOT consistently worrying about success and accomplishments make me accomplished? Whew. That’s a loaded question.

Whether our greatest accomplishment is finishing that 5k, meeting the man of our dreams or rescuing our furry family from a high-kill shelter, we ALL have so many things to be proud of.

We must remember: our list of accomplishments is a part of who we are but they do not define us. We are ever changing human beings – complex and messy and beautiful all wrapped into one.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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