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How To Create a Morning Ritual That Works For You

When was the last time you found yourself ‘oohing and ahhing’ over someone’s dreamy morning ritual stories on Instagram?! With all of the steamy coffee pouring, candles burning, and warm sunlight flooding in, how can you *not* feel mesmerized when your reality might look more like a hot mess? No worries – you’re not alone in the struggle.

Yes, it’s true that a morning ritual can be a really beautiful, empowering aspect of your day-to-day. But more often than not, we spend our energies pursuing “dreamy” rather than what simply feels right to us.

The secret to finding freedom within morning rituals isn’t to try and make your ritual the prettiest, most Instagrammable series of events you can dream up. The secret is to give yourself permission to just be true-to-you – imperfections, improvisations and all.

Not sure how to get there? Keep reading.

Time for some real talk

#RealTalk – I used to base my morning rituals off of what others were doing. “This expert wakes up at 4am to go running so that’s what I need to do”…”I should meditate for 20 minutes as soon as I get up like Ellen Degeneres.” But you guys…I hate waking up at 4am. I also REALLY hate running and with 3 crazy dogs runnings around. My meditation is when I get to take them for a peaceful walk outside.

After unsuccessfully trying out everyone else’s rituals, I came to this conclusion…do what works for YOU. Only you have the right answers as to what will make you feel good and what will build you up for a happy and productive day.

My mornings are never the same but they often look like this👉
7am: Wake up to Drago licking my face.
715am: Let dogs out to potty and have a glass of lemon water.
730am: Frank makes me a latte while I make us breakfast.
815am: Pray I have some clean yoga pants to wear. Throw on a sweatshirt.
830am: Sit down to check emails, push out any social that didn’t get scheduled, and plan my day.
9am: Watch morning shows while I stretch.
10am: Begin work.

And that’s what works for me! It’s as simple as that.

With articles floating around that are titled “The Morning Routines of the Most Highly Successful people”, I can’t help but roll my eyes. What do they deem “successful”? And who are “they” to create a universal definition of success?! Success looks entirely different for everyone, so to suggest that there is one formula to *all kinds* of success is just plain crazy.

Plus, to an overachiever like me, it makes me feel like if I’m not mimicking their rituals, then I will be less successful. Not cool, right?

After years of reading these articles, I have learned to take them with a grain of salt (and maybe a shot of tequila if it’s after 11am). I need you to know this – I have tried it all. I have tried it all, thinking these not-true-to-me rituals would somehow convert me into this “highly successful” and perfect human being.

But if we’re being honest, I hate waking up before 6am and for me, meditating in the morning looks like taking our 3 dogs for a walk and breathing in some fresh air.

Girlfriend, it’s time to do what works for YOU. Define your own version of success and then create a morning ritual to keep you moving towards that.

And if your rituals ebb and flow with your day-to-day needs and desires, taking on new forms or different amounts of time, OWN IT. The goal is to find freedom within your morning rituals – not to create rituals that make you feel boxed in, trying to obtain an unfair idea of artificial perfection.

Only you have the right answers as to what makes you feel good and what will build you up for a happy and productive day. My mornings are never exactly the same but when they often start with puppy kisses, lemon water, and praying I have clean yoga pants to throw on before I start my work, I know I’m staying true to me. Can I get an amen?!

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