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These Tips Will Get You Excited To Jump Out of Bed Every Morning

There is a season of waiting that seems to follow shortly after New Years goals, resolutions and words are set. You’re waiting for the right opportunities and breakthroughs. You’re waiting to get *that* much closer to your big goal for the quarter. Or maybe you’re just waiting for the next vacation!

Waiting, waiting, waiting…as if where you are and who you are right this minute is not enough. As if your life won’t really start until xy or z comes into your orbit.

But trust me when I say that living in that state of endless anticipation will get real old, real fast. You deserve to dwell within fulfillment and excitement for today. And I’m sharing a few simple ways that you can claim the abundance that you already have.

What makes you jump out of bed in the morning?

You know…the thing that gets you excited for the day ahead. What are you incredibly excited about?

Nothing comes to mind right away? Don’t worry. We all fall into a slump sometimes with mindless routines which seem to mimic groundhog day. The winter months after the holidays are the toughest when the cold seems to overstay its welcome and putting on your cute scarf and gloves loses its luster.

I recently had a call with a client who said she wanted to feel excited to jump out of bed every morning. That struck a chord with me because I’ve been there. Ten years ago I yearned for that motivation to begin my day but I had no idea where to start. I was in an unhealthy relationship, my grades were barely passing and I socially drank every night. Only feeling truly free and alive when I was partying with my friends until 4 am.

And while you don’t have to necessarily reach a low point in order to find what motivates you every day and gets you excited to jump out of bed in the AM, but you do have to come to the realization that something needs to change.

When we put ourselves first and acknowledge the simplicities that bring us joy, only then are we truly able to feel alive, inspired and free.

We all want that dream life. Happily married, pursuing your dream job, an abundance of money and feeling the healthiest version of yourself. And those can all be your reality BUT life happens – it’s happening right now – and it doesn’t matter what is going on with you. The world still moves forward. So instead of waiting for that promotion or 3k Insta followers to feel motivated and excited, start now. Here. Today.

Not sure how?!

Here are some simple tips:

+ Plan your next trip.

Make a list of all the places you want to visit this year and pick one that you can plan right away. When you start to get into the excitement of all the details like where to stay and what to do it can be an instant boost to your happiness.

+ Try out a new hobby.

Remember that foreign language class you always wanted to take? What about starting that blog for all your writing? Whatever it is….join, sign up, launch, and give it a try!

+ Begin planning that business you always dreamed of launching.

Just a few steps each day is all you need. Give yourself permission to explore, brainstorm, and dream big, all while having fun with it.

+ Schedule at least one enjoyable activity throughout your day.

If you easily get caught up in sitting at your laptop all day, why not schedule in a moment of fun? Having something to look forward to throughout the day can do wonders.

+ Create a beautiful self-care routine.

Do you fall short in giving yourself the time you need for self-care? Most of us do! If I’m not careful I can easily go through my whole day without giving myself the TLC I deserve and I can absolutely tell when I do that. Life is about 90% alignment and 10% get shit done. A morning self-care routine sets up the rest of your day for success. What is it you most crave in the morning but aren’t currently doing? Taking a slow hot bath instead of a quick shower before work? Or it could be something as simple as drinking warm lemon water while you read a few pages of Brene Brown’s book, Braving the Wilderness.

You deserve full access to a life that excites you today. And guess what?! That life is right in front of you for the taking. It may not be picture-perfect or contain all of your wildest hopes and dreams in one bundle but it is abundant. It is full. It’s freeing and grounding and exciting. And it’s yours. All you have to do is claim it.

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