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Is Status Anxiety Holding You Back?

“Hi, my name is Drew and I used to suffer from status anxiety.”

Can you relate?

Status anxiety is when you are constantly worried and anxious about your standing in the world, you are always looking for a way to climb the social ladder and believe that your worth is based on your title and achievements.

Therefore the higher you climb the more worthy and respected you become.

When you come from a family who has a laundry list of accomplishments, it’s extremely tough to step out on your own and the risk of failure inhibits your growth and push for change.

But when we rely on external improvements (ie. promotions, more pay, more responsibilities) to bring us happiness and worth, we stop looking for the joy within ourselves.

Use these tips to let your fear of feeling less than:

1. Know you are worthy regardless of your work title, income, and social following. Your title, income and social following don’t define who you are so they shouldn’t determine your worth.
2. Recognize where your status anxiety stems from. When you were a child, how did you grow up? What experiences created the fear you experience now?
3. Write a new definition of success and prosperity. What do these words mean to you, not what society defines them as.
4. Redefine your life by what’s important to you. What is your purpose? What truly brings you joy? Get to understand and acknowledge your Core Values. (You can download a free worksheet on Core Values here)
5. Create More. Compare Less. Comparison is the thief of joy. FOR REAL tho. The more you compare the less you feel whole. Take less time to compare and more time to create!

And remember, you are worthy right where you’re at.

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